Mike Pompeo says it’s time to put woke-ism in the United States to sleep

Washington: – Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fired a salvo of criticism, ‘The disputes over hypocrisy and cultural multiplicity are not the United States’ identity. These are the issues rocking the foundation of the United States. The United States can become weak because of this, and the adversaries aware of this can take advantage of this by fuelling divisive forces in the country. It has been revealed that Pompeo had slammed the media and social media in the United States.   

Joe Biden, the presidential candidate of the Democrat party, won the presidential elections held last year and the party was also successful in maintaining its majority in the lower house of the US Congress. It has been observed that the number of people promoting the policies based on socialistic and leftist ideology has been increasing in this party. This group is taking extreme stands on the actions against blacks, gun rights, environment and equality.   

Against this background, the warning issued by Pompeo becomes significant. The former Secretary of State also claimed, ‘Censorship, hypocrisy and the efforts to change the political mindset of others of pressurising them for the same, are taking you in only one direction. This is the direction of autocracy, and it is hiding behind moral integrity’.  

Only last month, Nikki Haley, one of the prominent leaders of the Republican party, had pointed to the changing US ideology. Haley had warned, ‘After Joe Biden takes over as the US President, the United States will be in the hands of people claiming to have the said awareness of the leftist ideologies. This is a matter of serious concern for the entire United States.’ She also warned that socialism has come into the mainstream ideology of the United States. 

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