To fight terrorism Pakistan needs political will, not F-16s: Afghanistan’s UN envoy

New York/Islamabad, Dated: 22nd June (PTI) – Mr. Mahmoud Saikal, the Afghanistan envoy in UN strongly condemned Pakistan whilst speaking in the UN council. He said that Pakistan does not need to demand a nuclear deal or F-16 planes from the US to combat terrorism; rather it requires a strong political will. Pakistan was again exposed when the Taliban Chief, Mullah Omar was killed in Pakistan by drone attacks.

To fight terrorism Pakistan needs political will-afghan-saikal-pak-VideograbMr. Saikal was addressing the UN council’s special meet, which was held to discuss issues related to Afghanistan. While addressing this meet he illustrated how Pakistan was responsible for terrorist activities in Afghanistan. He further presented facts about Pakistan’s infiltration into Afghanistan, its carrying out terrorist activities and then fleeing back.

Maleeha-LodhiHe additionally accused Pakistan for providing a support system to terrorism. There are many terrorist organisations and networks active in Pakistan, but Pakistan lacks the political will that would help it to combat terrorism. He also stated that since Pakistan is caught between ‘’Good’’ and ‘’Bad’’ terrorism, it is going to face the blaze of this terrorism.

Proceeding further Mr. Saikal talked on the 15 year long relationship between ‘Pakistan ‘and ‘Terrorism’. The face of global terrorism – Osama Bin Laden, Taliban chief Mullah Omar and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, who was recently killed in drone attacks, took shelter there and later got killed on Pakistani soil. This evidence itself served as a proof. Mr. Saikal accused Pakistan by saying that this very act of Pakistan would be considered as an attack on Afghanistan’s sovereignty.

Mr. Saikal reminded Pakistan about the statement made by the President of Afghanistan, Mr. Ashraf Gani while addressing the Afghanistan assembly. Mr. Ashraf Gani said that Pakistan should take action on terrorist organisations and their hideouts, and all those who are probing on Afghanistan’s security.

Whereas Pakistan’s envoy to the UN, Ms. Maliha Lodi has denied these probes made by Afghanistan. She claimed that the epicentre of terrorism is not Pakistan but in fact Afghanistan itself. She further added that terrorists attack Pakistan and then escape into Afghanistan. She suggested that Afghanistan should not hold Pakistan responsible for the anarchy in Afghanistan. Ms. Lodi then replied to the Afghanistan envoy clarifying that in order to have stability in Afghanistan, it is important to have successful talks with the Taliban and Afghanistan is responsible for the same.

Referring to Mr. Saikal’s enquiries on Pakistan in the UN council, Ms. Maliha Lodi explained Pakistan’s side while addressing the UN council. During this meet Ms. Maliha Lodi accused US for carrying out drone attacks in Pakistan. She strongly condemned the drone attacks conducted by US in Balochistan. According to her it showed disrespect towards Pakistan’s independence. Earlier the US had denied the investigation regarding the drone attacks held in Pakistan.

India’s envoy in the UN declared that India would completely support the unity and sovereignty of Afghanistan.

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