Prime Minister Modi takes tough stance against Pakistan

New Delhi : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi toughened his stance against Pakistan by directly holding it responsible for the prevailing unrest in Jammu & Kashmir. He further said that, it is high-time Pakistan is held accountable for the atrocities carried out by them against its own citizens in Balochistan and PoK. The Prime Minister was speaking at the All Party meeting conducted on the Jammu & Kashmir issue. During the same meeting, the PM as well representatives of all political parties expressed their solidarity with the citizens of J&K. It was unanimously decided that, security and unity of India is of topmost priority and no compromise should be made over it.


Since more than a month; there has been a growing unrest in Kashmir. To discuss this issue, an All Party meeting was organised on Friday, 12-August which was chaired by the Indian PM. Members of the ruling as well as opposition parties of J&K also attended this meeting. PM Modi assured that all grievances of the people would be addressed sympathetically. He also announced a package of Rupees 80 thousand crores towards development of the state. PM  expressed willingness for a dialogue with some of the problem-causing factors in the region, but made it very clear that no compromise would be made over the country’s security. This was backed by members of all parties.

Narendra ModiThis meeting went on for about four hours. Post the meeting, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley briefed reporters at a Press Conference. All parties agreed that the only reason for disturbance in J&K is terrorism sponsored from across the border. It was around the year 1989-90 that terrorist activities in J&K were initiated. The Union Home Minister briefed that till date 34 thousand AK-46 rifles, 5 thousand grenade launchers, 90 light machine-guns, 12 thousand revolvers, 3 anti-tank guns, 4 anti-aircraft guns as well as 350 missile launchers, 63 thousand kilograms of RDX and more than 1 lakh hand grenades have been seized from terrorists in J&K. He added that till date more than 5 thousand terrorists have been killed in the state- the number equivalent to 5 army battalions. He accused Pakistan for these activities and said that that henceforth, the Indian government will adopt a tough stance on this.

During the meeting, PM Modi said that Pakistan is answerable for atrocities carried out in Balochistan and PoK as well. With this, India has given a stern warning to Pakistan that, for its  allegations of atrocities by the Indian army in J&K, the actual wrongdoings of Pakistan in PoK and Balochistan would be raised at the international level.

In order to understand the current situation in PoK, the PM has ordered Ministry of External Affairs to connect to the natives of PoK, who are now located in other countries. This would increase Pakistan’s difficulties, who has been repeatedly making false accusations against India. Citizens of PoK are pleading for freedom from Pakistan, their anger expressed openly by the burning of Pakistan’s flag. It looks like India, who was initially reluctant to take up the PoK and Balochistan issue, has now decided to handle these issues aggressively. This could impact Pakistan very badly in the times to come.

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