US presents bill in Congress as it prepares to terminate Pakistan’s ‘Non-NATO Ally’ status

Washington: A bill, demanding the withdrawal of the special status of Non-NATO Ally, awarded to Pakistan, has been presented in the US Congress. Republican Party Congressman, Andy Biggs, introduced this bill, which could be a major jolt for Pakistan. If this bill is passed and becomes a law, all the military assistance received by Pakistan from the United States will be stopped. The bill presented by Biggs also has the proposal to compel Pakistan to take action against the terrorists from the Haqqani group in Afghanistan.   

pakistan-non-auto-usThe Bush administration, in 2004, awarded the special status of Non-NATO Ally to Pakistan, hoping to get assistance in the US war on terror in Afghanistan. The United States has awarded this status to 17 countries so far, making it easy to provide weapons, defence equipment and other assistance to these countries. Pakistan has extorted all kinds of aid from the United States, taking advantage of this status. But the US military officials have repeatedly accused Pakistan of betraying the United States in the war on terror in Afghanistan, as the Afghan terrorists are receiving complete support and protection from Pakistan.   

The current US President, Donald Trump, had accused that it is the betrayal by Pakistan which is responsible for the failure of the United States in Afghanistan. But now, when the United States is preparing to withdraw its military from Afghanistan, it indicates to be prepared to scrap this cooperation with Pakistan. The reflection is seen in the bill presented by Biggs in the US Congress. Although this bill has still not been passed by the US Congress, this could exert tremendous pressure on Pakistan. The bill recommends that Pakistan should take a clear stand on specific issues while proposing to withdraw the special status of Non-NATO Ally. Pakistan has its influence over the Taliban-affiliated terrorist group, Haqqani network, involved in terrorist activities in Afghanistan. This group uses Pakistani territory to carry out saboteur activities in Afghanistan. Pakistan should guarantee that the Haqqani network will not be allowed to use Pakistani land for terrorist activities against Afghanistan. The US President should also take a guarantee from the Pakistan government that action will be taken against the leaders and terrorists from the Haqqani network.  

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