India and Brazil under threat from Russia and China, warns outgoing US State Secretary

Washington/New Delhi: The Outgoing US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, warned that India and Brazil have a looming threat from Russia and China. Statements made by the US State Secretary, Pompeo, on the social media, on his last day at the office, are noteworthy. Pompeo also claimed that it is important to note that India and Brazil are fully aware that their populations are under threat from Russia and China. Indian media have highlighted this statement of the US State Secretary.


India and Brazil under threat from Russia and China, warns outgoing US State SecretaryTransition of power is happening in the United States; the Biden administration will be taking over the reins of the United States. The newly appointed Secretary of Defence has claimed that friendly cooperation with a country like India will be strengthened further in this scenario. The new Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, made this statement while speaking in front of the US Congressional committee. Austin added further that the status of Defence Partner, awarded to India will be expanded for increasing the defence cooperation between the two countries.

Simultaneously, Austin also clarified that steps to strengthen India’s defence cooperation would also be taken through the QUAD cooperation. Doubts are being raised whether the Biden administration will act against China with the same intensity as its predecessor. Austin tried to resolve that doubt. But the United States will have to prove many things on this front, with actions. Meanwhile, the warning issued by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, on the last day at the office, to India and Brazil over Russia and China has become a hot topic for discussion.

Pompeo had strongly criticised Russia and Chinese policies, even in the past. Pompeo had specially warned the world that the Chinese communist regime’s objective is to bring the entire world under its domination. Pompeo had also accused that the origin of Coronavirus is in China and there is a Chinese conspiracy behind this.

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