China should sink two of the US warships to gain control over the South China Sea, says senior Chinese official

Third World WarTaipei/Canberra: A senior Chinese official claimed, “If China wishes to dominate the South China Sea it will have to inspire awe in the mind of the United States. The loss of one super carrier would cost the US the lives of 5000 service men and women. Sinking two would double that toll. We’ll see how frightened America is.”


This warning was issued by Rear Admiral Luo Yuan, the Deputy Director of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Science, of China. A program had been organised for the defence manufacturers, three weeks ago, on December 20. Yuan gave his reaction regarding the strained relations between the United States and China while speaking at the function. The Australian media carried the report regarding this event.

Yuan said that the tension between the United States and China is not only because of the economic and trade relations, but there is a military competition between the two countries.

china, south china sea, us aircraft, usThe senior Chinese official claimed that the dispute regarding the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea could be ended. Yuan said that the anti-warship missiles available with the Chinese military could be used for this purpose.

Yuan suggested that China should target the US aircraft carriers saying ‘There is a ghost created of the naval might of the United States and the aircraft carriers are the central pillars.’

Yuan further said ‘The United States stands on the five pillars of Military, Money, Skill, Democracy and the fear of the enemy. Destruction of even one pillar will jolt the United States.’ The Chinese official is saying that China should take advantage of the fear of the enemy in the mind of the United States.

Yuan claimed ‘The United States has not suffered human losses till date and the United States is always apprehensive that there will be huge human losses. Therefore, the United States will panic if China sinks its aircraft carriers.’

Even in the past, Yuan has suggested targeting the increasing military cooperation between the United States and Taiwan. A month ago, Yuan had said China should take over Taiwan with a military action to stop the deployment of the US aircraft carriers in Taiwan. Only two days ago, the Chinese President threatened to take over Taiwan.

The statements made by Yuan, regarding the sinking of the US aircraft carriers, seem to more for the Chinese people than being a threat to the United States. It has become customary for China to project its military strength to its population, much higher than the actual and as per some western analysts, the Chinese military strength is much below the level it is being projected to be.

The Chinese navy cannot control the South China Sea. One of the analysts had recently given a verdict that the Chinese navy cannot face the US Navy. Although China can sink the US aircraft carriers as claimed by Yuan, it has been observed time and again that China has still not prepared itself to use this capability. Therefore, China has adopted a policy to demonstrate its strength, avoiding a confrontation with the United States.

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