China sends spy ship to monitor US-led ‘RIMPAC’ war exercises

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Hawaii: In a shocking piece of information, it is revealed that China has been spying over the ‘RIMPAC 2018’ naval war exercise, being conducted with participation of 25 countries including the United States. An advanced Chinese surveillance ship was being noticed near the Hawaii Islands of the United States, since the past few days. The participating countries in the RIMPAC including the United States, had expressed displeasure over this fact. In retaliation to the aggressive activities of China in the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean regions, the United States had refused participation to China in this war exercise.


‘RIMPAC 2018’, an extensive naval war exercise, has commenced in the marine region near the Hawaii Islands, the Pacific Ocean and California, since the 27th of June. More than 45 warships and 200 fighter jets with more than 25000 soldiers from 25 countries including the United States, have participated in this huge naval exercise. Being conducted under the leadership of the United States, this exercise will continue till the 2nd of August.

A few days ago, the ‘Auxiliary General Intelligence Ship’ of the Chinese Navy was observed doing the rounds near the Hawaii Islands of the United States. The Pacific Fleet of the United States reported the presence of this advanced surveillance ship from the Dongdiao class, within 200 nautical miles from the Hawaii Islands. However, the US Navy clarified that the Chinese surveillance ship was currently beyond the US boundaries and due care would be taken to ensure that it will not interfere with the naval war exercise.

Commander of the participating countries in the RIMPAC exercise, Commodore Pablo Neiman has expressed displeasure over the Chinese movements. Neiman stated his position saying that he regretted such movements of the ship from a country that was not part of the war exercise. China had participated in the earlier RIMPAC exercises conducted in 2014 and 2016.

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