US, UK and Japan challenge the Chinese aggression in Asia-Pacific

Third World War

Washington/Beijing: On the background of China’s rapid militarisation of the islands in the marine region and its ever-increasing threats issued to its neighbours, the United States and its allies have begun to challenge China more openly. Pentagon recently revealed information about the patrol by the US B-52 bomber aircrafts in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Following this, reports have been received of joint war exercises being conducted by the United Kingdom and Japanese warships in the South China Sea.


US-UK-Japan ‘The US B-52 bomber aircrafts from the Guam Defence Base patrolled over the South China Sea on Tuesday, in the international airspace limit. The US bombers also carried out patrolling in the East China Sea on Tuesday. The Japanese fighter jets joined the US bombers in this mission,’ Informed Pentagon spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Eastburn. US Secretary of Defence, James Mattis also confirmed the flight of the US bombers and said it was only a routine exercise.

Chinese-aggressionFollowing the patrol by the US bombers, the United Kingdom and Japan also held war exercises in the South China Sea. The largest Japanese warship ‘Helicopter Carrier Kaga’ and destroyer ‘Inazuma’ along with UK’s warship, ‘HMS Argyll’ participated in the war exercises held on Wednesday, in the South China Sea and Indian Ocean region. The Japanese defence forces have confirmed this.

A strong reaction has emanated from China about these activities by the United States and its allies. The patrol by the US bombers is an act of incitement and it will not be tolerated, warned China. At the same time, the presence of the British warship in the South China Sea is a cause for concern and this may affect the bilateral trade, warned China. China made it clear that it was keeping a close eye on the Japanese movements.

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