China pressurises Uyghurs living in US for espionage, report by US-China Economic and Security Commission

Third World WarWashington: China trying to increase its influence in the United States through the educational institutions and voluntary organisations operational there, has started efforts to pressurise the Uyghurs living in the United States and other countries into espionage. The Ruling Chinese government has been issuing them threats asking either to spy for China or will put their families and relatives, in camps and prisons. The United Nations had published a report revealing a shocking fact that China has put more than 1.1 Uyghurs under house arrest.


US-China Economic and Security Commission (UCESC) which is a part of the US Congress, has submitted an extensive report about the Chinese activities in the United States. The report named “China’s Overseas United Work: Background and Implications for the United States.” points to the Chinese activities to suppress the voices of the opposition groups operating in foreign countries and efforts to increase the espionage network.

china, uyghurs, us, espionageUyghurs living in the United States and other countries are being targeted by the Chinese agencies. They are being pressured to support the policies and stands of the ruling communist government in China and spying for China. If they don’t comply, they are threatened that their family and relatives back in China will be sent to camps or prisons, claims the UCESC report.

The UCESC report also claims that the Chinese student organisations are also being used for espionage and to spread the communist party ideology and policies. Chinese Students and Scholars Association is the apex student body of the Chinese students in the United States. Most of the Chinese students are associated with this body, and it has also been exposed that the Chinese embassy has been funding organisations in certain universities.

All the strings are in the hands of United Front Work Department, which is a part of the Chinese government and it has been exposed that the organisation is using various means to increase the Chinese influence in foreign countries. Chinese President Xi Jinping also has endorsed this activity in his statements over the last few months. A few months ago, US intelligence agency CIA had submitted a report noting the initiation of Chinese efforts to increase its influence in the US universities and other undertakings. The story had a mention of the Confucius Institute started by China in more than 100 universities.

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