Brazil President opposed to lockdown

Sao Paolo – Coronavirus has claimed 92 lives in Brazil till today and there are 3,400 Coronavirus cases in the country. Demand for a lockdown in the country, given the experiences in other countries, is becoming stronger in Brazil. But Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is not willing to accept the demand; he says that the lockdown will invite a major economic crisis. President Bolsonaro has personally gone to the markets and published the videos of the visit, to reinforce his statements.


President Bolsonaro is gripped with the fear that if lockdown is imposed in Brazil, the economy will be in a mess. Therefore, President Bolsonaro is trying to boost the morale of the citizens with a campaign ‘Brazil Cannot Stop’. President Bolsonaro visited the local market in Brazil on Sunday. He talked to the traders in the market and advised them not to fear the Coronavirus and take proper precautions. Videos of this visit have been published.

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly in Brazil since the last few days and the number of cases is also increasing rapidly. Even in such a dreadful scenario, President Bolsonaro is adamant on not imposing a lockdown. On Friday, he made a shocking statement ‘Some people may die in the Coronavirus pandemic, but we cannot stop the economy for this pandemic.’ He also accused that the number of deaths quoted in Brazil is inflated.

Governors of 26 Brazilian provinces are bitterly opposed to the President’s stand and have decided to close transport and markets. The opposition also is heavily criticising the stand of the President for playing with the lives of the citizens, giving an excuse of the economy. The opponents are pointing out that the Coronavirus is playing havoc in the countries, that have delayed imposing a lockdown.

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