Venezuela will declare war against the ‘Blockade’, warns dictator Nicholas Maduro

Third World WarCaracas: The United States has indicated cornering the Venezuelan government by blocking all the foreign aid. US President claimed while talking to the press that the United States was thinking of cornering Venezuela. Venezuela has reacted very sharply to the US claim, and dictator Maduro warned that Venezuela was prepared for war.


The United States has indicated reinitiating strong efforts to overthrow the Maduro regime in Venezuela. President Trump has already issued an instruction to Secretary of State, Pompeo and the other colleagues. Therefore, while talks are going on between the two groups in Venezuela, the United States has initiated rapid moves to overthrow the Maduro government.

Venezuela will declare war against the 'Blockade', warns dictator Nicholas MaduroThe attempted rebellion, in Venezuela, against the Maduro government, on the 30th of March, had failed. It is accused that the United States was behind the rebellion. Now there are clear indications that although that attempt failed, other options are being explored to overthrow the Maduro government. Only last week US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had warned that the countries supporting the Maduro government, in Venezuela, should stop interfering in the affairs of the country.

Russia, China, Iran and Cuba have posed a challenge to the United States by supporting the Maduro government. This support has made President Trump restless, and he is in a mood to take some decisive action. Cornering Venezuela completely is one of the options available to Trump.

In the last week, power had failed in many parts of Venezuela. Maduro had accused that this was an electromagnetic attack, carried out by the United States. Maduro has given a very aggressive reaction to this threat of Blockade, by the United States and warned that he was prepared for war.

The Venezuelan economy has been severely hit because of this power struggle. The common people are getting scorched in rising inflation. The Venezuelan people are facing starvation, and hundreds of thousands have migrated to other countries. The neighbouring countries have been forced to deploy the military on their borders to stop this influx of Venezuelan migrants.

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