New York becomes the epicentre of Coronavirus in the US

New York: – The number of deaths in the United States has reached 2,490. The maximum number of deaths have been reported from the New York State. The advanced health care system here also is under tremendous strain. The open ground is being converted into emergency hospitals, as there is no place in the hospitals to house more patients.


 In the last 24 hours, 254 patients have died in the United States. The number of Coronavirus cases has reached 142,793. 18,000 new cases have been added to the tally in the last 24 hours. The US officials said that these figures are based on the testing done at the government centres, and the data of private hospitals has still not been compiled. Therefore, the fear of the dangerous increase in the number of deaths and cases is being expressed.

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 1,000 lives in New York State, and there are no empty beds in any of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the state.

Therefore, work is being expeditiously carried out to build hospitals with only ICUs on the open grounds to take care of the patients. The US Hospital ship ‘Comfort’ will soon reach the New York port to take care of the non-Corona patients from the state.

Meanwhile, in view of the rampage of the pandemic and the international developments, the crude oil rates in the US markets tumbled to USD 20 per barrel.

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