“Satanic claims” made by the controversial group are being probed by the Vatican

London: A sensational claim by a controversial sect, which is already accused of devil worship in Brazil, is being probed by the Vatican. The head of this sect, who died in the year 1995 is trying for the death of Pope Francis, thus was claimed by the followers of ‘Heralds of Gospel’ centred in Brazil. Regarding this a video was published on the internet. Taking a serious notice of this the Vatican has taken the decision of the probe.

Dr. Plinio Correa de Oliveira

‘Dr. Plinio Correa de Oliveira’ who is considered to be the head of ‘Heralds of Gospel’ died in the year 1995. The information from the video mentioned above states that even after his death, he is still in contact with the devil. Not only that, Dr. Oliveira is behind some of the significant happenings in the world, thus is claimed in this video. These includes even the global climatic changes. It was Plinio who brought about climatic changes by increasing the temperature and even after his death he is able to control the climate, thus is being claimed in the video. In this controversial video giving the information on the conversation between the devil and the followers of ‘Heralds of Gospel’, a prophecy has also been predicted.

In the coming period, there will meteor showering in the Atlantic Ocean and the whole of North America will disappear, is being claimed in this video. Similarly, a plot is being worked out to bring about the death of Pope Francis, the supreme religious leader of the  Roman Catholic Church, as per information given by the devil in this conversation. Further, after Pope Francis his place will be taken by ‘Monsignor João Scognamiglio Clá Dias’, the current head of ‘Heralds of Gospel’ as is being claimed in this video. Besides, some offending information and claims are also published.

Some western newspapers like ‘Daily Mail’, ‘The Sun’, ‘The Daily Beast’ have published reports on this. Giving an assurance from the reliable sources of the Vatican, these newspapers have informed that a thorough inquiry will be done on this matter. Meantime, the ‘Heralds of Gospel’ is recognised as the fall-out group of the ‘Tradition, Family and Property Association’ (TFP) organisation. It is being said that this group is notorious for devil worship.

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