Afghanistan ready for war if Pakistan desires, warns Afghan security agency

Kabul: Nazar Ali Wahidi, Deputy Chief of Afghan intelligence agency, issued a stern warning, ‘If Pakistan makes sincere efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan also will develop along with Afghanistan. But if Pakistan has been preparing for a war through Taliban, Afghanistan also is prepared to fight the war.’ Wahidi also accused that Pakistan has called for a meeting of Taliban leaders for preparations of this war.


The real intentions of Pakistan, who created a façade that made efforts for peace in Afghanistan, have been exposed during the recently held Heart of Asia conference. Pakistan’s infamous intelligence agency ISI has called a meeting of the Taliban leaders and commanders. ISI will be holding the meeting in Peshawar. ISI will be suggesting to the Taliban terrorists to start a war in the next two months.Afghanistan ready for war if Pakistan desires, warns Afghan security agency

Nazar Ali Wahidi, Deputy Chief of Afghan intelligence agency, National Directorate of Security (NDS), exposed this while speaking to the media. Wahidi issued a stern warning, ‘If Pakistan made sincere efforts for peace in Afghanistan, it would have been beneficial even for Pakistan. But Pakistan is always plotting to kill Afghanis. Therefore, if Pakistan is preparing for war against Afghanistan through Taliban, the Afghan military also is prepared for the war.’

Like Wahidi, Afghanistan’s internal security ministry also has issued alerts for fierce terror attacks by the Taliban. Mohammad Anwar Baripal, deputy chief of the internal security ministry, accused the enemy of planning to take political advantage in Afghanistan by targeting important locations. Whereas Iqbal Ali Naderi, Deputy Defence Minister of Afghanistan, informed that there is a threat to the security of the southern, western, and other important Afghanistan regions.

Since the last few weeks, the Taliban has intensified its attacks in Afghanistan. As per the information given by the Afghan security agencies, the Taliban carried out attacks on the security agencies in a minimum of 20 Afghan provinces between Monday and Tuesday. It is claimed that the military did not suffer any casualties in the attacks. Whereas, the security agencies said that 74 Taliban terrorists were killed in the actions taken in Kandahar, Helmond, Ghazni, Maidan, Wardak, Badakhshan, Balkh, Laghman provinces.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan has accused the Pakistan military and intelligence agency ISI is using the Taliban to create instability in Afghanistan. A few weeks ago, it was exposed that the Taliban leaders visited Pakistan and met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. This increases the importance of the accusations made by the deputy chief of the Afghan intelligence agency further.

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