Kuwait prohibits admission of 5 countries including Pakistan

Kuwait City : After Donald Trump banned Visa for seven Muslim-majority countries, a decision that was internationally condemned, Kuwait too has banned Visa for five Muslim-majority countries. Among which are Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. Kuwait attributed this decision to the instability of these nations. 


pakistan-kuwait-passportA renowned Gulf newspaper reported about Kuwait’s ban on these five countries. Citizens of these countries will not get a visa and also further trade as well as travel restrictions have been imposed on these nations, thus entirely prohibiting them to Kuwait. Iraq and Syria have been unstable for the last few years and the latter of the two was prohibited entry by Kuwait earlier also.   

Since the last few months,the instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been on the rise with increased attacks by Taliban and other terror groups. The defense authorities of Afghanistan and Pakistan have been unsuccessful in undertaking trials on these terrorist organizations. Terrorists from these countries are reported to be landing in other countries too now. Hence Visa for these five Muslim-majority countries has been banned in order to safeguard Kuwait,was conveyed by the higher authorities of Kuwait.   

Prohibition will be lifted from four of these countries, namely Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan soon after their conditions improve. Although constraints on the citizens of Iran are owing to the political pressures between the two, claimed the media in Gulf.   

These reports by Gulf’s popular news media have been dismissed by Pakistan on the grounds of not having received any official statement from the Government of Kuwait. Pakistani diplomat Gulam Dastagir has labelled it as merely a rumor on Social Media.  

Meanwhile, US’s higher officials have implied that even though Pakistan is not among the countries prohibited by the American President Donald Trump, it is likely to be added to the said list in the future.  

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