US carries out drone attack in Pakistan, Haqqani commander among three killed

Peshawar: US proved its statement that they will have to act against the terrorists if Pakistan does not act. US carried out a powerful drone attack on Pakistan’s north-west border. It is reported that three terrorists including a commander of the Haqqani group were killed in the attack. It is also said that a large number were injured in the attack.


US, drone attack, pakistan, haqqani group, terroristThe terrorists had attacked a five-star hotel in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, on Sunday. It was now known that terrorists belonging to the Haqqani group hiding in Pakistan had a hand in this attack. The US had demanded that Pakistan should arrest or throw these terrorists out. This attack was carried out in barely 24 hours from that demand.

The US drone attack was targeted at ‘Spin Thal’ area of the ‘Federally Administered Tribal Areas’ (FATA) province. The attack destroyed one of the terrorist camps. Three terrorists hiding in a house here were killed and many others injured, it is said. As per the information received, Naseer Mohammed aka Ehsaan aka Khavri, commander of the Haqqani group was among the dead.

This was the second drone attack carried out by the US in Pakistan. On 17th of January, the US had carried out a drone attack in the Khurram province. The US has been issuing ultimatums to Pakistan from the first day of the new year. The US had stopped the aid of USD 250 million along with the USD 2 billion in defence aid to Pakistan, citing deception. These drone attacks evidently suggest that it will cost Pakistan dearly if it continues to ignore the US warnings.

US deploys ‘A-10’ Fighter jets in Afghanistan

THe US has deployed ‘A-10 Thunderbolt’ also known as ‘Warthog’ fighter jets in Afghanistan. The US President Donald Trump had announced the policy regarding Afghanistan a few days ago. The fighter jets have been deployed after this to provide air support to the Afghanistan army.

The US has provided such air support to Afghanistan for the first time in three years. There are clear indications that the US action against Taliban will intensify. Not only the Taliban but even Pakistan will feel threatened due to the deployment of the ‘A-10’ fighter jets, capable of flying at low altitudes and accurate attacks.

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