Tensions escalate on Afghanistan and Pakistan border

Quetta : Protests against Pakistan seems to have intensified on the Afghanistan side of the border. Afghans on both sides of the border have torched Pakistan national flags to express their dissatisfaction while shouting pro-India slogans. As a consequence, Pakistan subsequently, decided to close the ‘Chaman’ border crossing. Pakistan has blamed India for provoking Afghanistan against them. Pakistani flags have been torched in Balochistan region as well, along with shouts of pro-India slogans.


Tensions Escalate On Afghanistan and Pakistan Border

On the occasion of 19th August the Afghanistan Independence day, Afghan citizens pelted stones at Bab-e-Dosti gate and shouted anti-Pakistan slogans at Chaman on the Afghan-Pakistan border. At the same time when these protests were taking place on the Afghan side, anti-India slogans were being raised on the Pakistan side of the border. Retaliating to this, Afghan protestors snatched their Pakistani flags and burnt them down.

Later Afghan citizens pelted stones and also attempted to barge through on the Pakistan side of the border. Citing security reasons Pakistan has sealed the border indefinitely. The repercussions of this incident have started to emerge in Pakistan as some of their analysts have blamed India for provoking Afghanistan to take a stand against Pakistan. Apart from ‘Chaman’ two other border posts along the Afghan-Pakistan border, at Torkham and Wesh Mandi have already been closed. Pakistani experts are alleging India of instigating Afghanistan to be anti-Pakistan. 

Closing of the border has affected the local Afghan citizens as the trade of essential things has come to a standstill thus further creating anti-Pakistan sentiments. In Balochistan region, the anti-Pakistan movement is gaining momentum, local Balochs are raising pro-India slogans. Pakistan has blamed India for the growing turmoil. Pakistani intellectuals and analysts have claimed that the Balochistan issue raised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inference to India’s plan to break Pakistan. 

Indian analysts are rather highlighting the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech was referring to the human rights violation in Balochistan and not on its liberation. They also point out to the other fact that the Indian Prime Minister brought this issue out, only to highlight the history of Pakistan’s human rights violations. Prime Minister Modi in his Independence Day speech referred to the appreciation received from people of Balochistan towards India for raising and pointing out human rights violation in Balochistan. 

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