Pakistan launches 500 rocket attacks on Afghanistan

Kabul: The attacks by  Pakistan’s military on Afghanistan have been intensified and in the last four days Pakistan has launched more than 500 rocket attacks on the ‘Kunar’ province on the Afghanistan border. A spokesperson of the Pakistan military claimed, that one Afghan citizen has been killed in these attacks and thousands have been rendered homeless. Prior to this in September, Pakistan had launched a staggering 1500 rocket attacks  on Afghanistan. 


rocket attacks According to the information received from the Afghan sources, Pakistan’s military has been launching heavy attacks for the last four days. Pakistan’s military has attacked four districts of ‘Shultan’,’Dangam’, ’Shegal’ and ‘Marwa’ in the eastern province of Kunar in Afghanistan. The Governor of Kunar, ’Waheedullah Kalimzai’ has informed that the rockets fired by the Pakistan military have landed on the civilian areas in the districts. It is  claimed that 40-80 families have been displaced in the Shultan district itself.

Information of these attacks have been provided to the Afghan Government and there is an expectation of quick action. In the past few months there has been an increase of these attacks by the Pakistan military on the border areas of Afghanistan, which the Afghan Government  and the international community should note. Likewise, a demand has come from the people of Kunar province for an explanation of these attacks from Pakistan’s Government and military.

Since the month of September, the attacks of the Pakistan military on Afghanistan have increased. A claim is made by Pakistan that rocket attacks are launched on the locations of the terrorists in Afghanistan. In an attack launched by the terrorists in the Kunar province two days back, two  senior officials of the Pakistani military were killed. Pakistan, however has offered a clarification that the terrorist locations in the Kunar province are being targeted in retaliation to these attacks.

It  has been criticized that the consistent  rocket attacks launched by Pakistan on the civilian areas in the Kunar province is an attempt to creat terror in the Afghan people. More than 1500 rocket attacks were launched by the Pakistan military in the month of September itself. While in the last month nearly 1000 rockets attacks were launched. Hence, a concern is expressed over these increasing rocket attacks by the Pakistan military.

It is being said that the historic pact of the ‘Durand Line’ between Afghanistan and Pakistan is responsible for the growing tensions between the two countries. Afghanistan wants Pakistan to adhere to the historic pact. Pakistan, however, is in disagreement  with the rules of the ‘Durand Line’ and have  started raising barbwires and posts in the border area of Afghanistan. But these activities of Pakistan on the border are being disapproved by Afghanistan. The Afghan Government has accused Pakistan  that by raising barbwires, Pakistan is attempting to control  the Afghanistan border areas. Likewise, Afghanistan’s military has given a warning that any future attacks from Pakistan’s border areas on Afghanistan would have serious consequences for Pakistan.

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