US, Australia begin ‘strategic planning’ to resist China; will jointly build guided missiles

Canberra: – The possibility of China attacking Taiwan is increasing by the day. In this scenario, the United States and Australia are making a strategic plan for joint retaliation against the Chinese attacks. Michael Goldman, in charge of US affairs in Australia, gave this information. At the same time, he announced that a guided missile system would be developed in collaboration with Australia.  


us-aust-strategic-planningThe Chinese threat to Taiwanese security is increasing. US analysts and military officials are warning for the last few days that China may take over Taiwan with military action in the next few months or years. China has also increased intrusion into the Taiwanese airspace with its fighter jets, surveillance aircraft and bombers. In the last week itself, Chinese aeroplanes intruded 20 times into the Taiwanese airspace. China also started naval exercises on its coast near Taiwan. The Chinese military even launched missiles during these exercises.  

Against this background, Michael Goldman, in charge of US affairs in Australia, informed that the United States and Australia are planning a joint strategy to retaliate against the Chinese attack on Taiwan. The United States and Australia are united even on the policy front along with the military front. Goldman clarified during a function at an Australian university that essential factors like Taiwan are considered when it comes to policy planning.   

A few hours before this Goldman announcement, Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton informed that Australia was developing a missile system in collaboration with the United States. Dutton said that this system would be created, keeping the Australian requirements in view. Dutton warned that once Australia is equipped with this system, the threats to the global supply chain can be countered. Although he avoided a direct mention, Dutton is making this claim pointing to the Chinese threat in the South China Sea.  

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a suggestive statement that his country needs this missile system because of the rapidly changing international scenario. Prime Minister Morrison claimed that this would secure the sovereignty of Australia.   

India-Australia forced to change policies because of Chinese aggression

Washington: – The US think tank Centre for New American Security claimed that India and Australia were forced to change their policies regarding China only because of China’s aggressive actions during the Coronavirus pandemic. Simultaneously, the think tank advised that it is necessary that the United States brought all its allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region together against the Chinese communist regime.   

This report prepared by Lisa Curtis and Stephen Tankel warns that if peace has to prevail in the Indo-Pacific region, the United States will have to collaborate with democratic countries like India, Japan and Australia. The think tank inferred that all these four countries need to develop bilateral, trilateral or QUAD cooperation on the diplomatic, economic and military levels. 

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