US will back Ukraine against reckless and aggressive Russian movements: State Secretary Blinken

Kyiv: – US Secretary of State Antony Blinked assured Ukraine to get complete support from the United States against reckless and aggressive Russian movements. Accordingly, US will supply large quantities of defence equipment to Ukraine. The United States is committed to the sovereignty, integrity and independence of Ukraine. Blinken is on a visit to Ukraine; it is considered regarding the Russian actions on the Ukraine border.   


russia-ukraine-usLast month, Russia had made huge military deployments in the region adjoining the Ukraine border. Claims had surfaced that Russia had deployed nearly a hundred thousand soldiers in the area. The Russian deployment also included advanced missiles, air defence systems and a large number of tanks. Therefore, indications were being received that Russia was preparing for a major conflict with Ukraine. Russia had justified this deployment forwarding the reason for increasing NATO deployments and war exercises.   

But a few days ago, it was reported that Russia has initiated the withdrawal of its military from the Ukraine border. Against this very background, the visit of the US Secretary of State becomes significant. During his visit, Secretary of State, Blinken openly fired a salvo against the Russian activities and asserted that the United States is standing firm behind Ukraine. Blinken also warned that till the Russian regime chooses peace over violence, the United States will make Russia pay dearly through its allies and partner countries.   

It is being said that the statements of Blinken were for issuing a warning to Russia. While the United States is issuing this warning, a US newspaper reported that Russia has not fully withdrawn from the Ukraine border. The report says that nearly 80,000 Russian soldiers are still deployed on the Ukraine border. The report also claims that this Russian deployment could be in retaliation of the US and NATO exercises being held in Europe.   

The United States and NATO have planned two major war exercises in the next two months. Moreover, Tuesday onwards, one of these exercises, ‘Defender Europe’, has already started. Nearly 28,000 soldiers are participating in these exercises.   

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