Pro-Russian separatists in East Ukraine claim creation of new country Malorossiya

Donetsk : The Moscow-aligned Russian seperatists in Eastern Ukraine have proclaimed establishment of a new nation “Malorossiya” or Little Russia. On Tuesday, Alexander Zakharchenko the leader of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ (DNR), announced this. Zakharshenko in his proclamation stated that the region under the custody of the separatists, including the current Ukraine, will be a part of the new nation. Russia, European Union and Ukraine have expressed outrage over this declaration by giving a strong reaction. Just a day before the new round of peace talks in regards to the issues in East Ukraine were to begin, this announcement was made; therefore it has caught attention.


‘Donetsk in the East Ukraine and the Union Territories of Luhansk has unanimously consented to the forming of a new nation. This nation is going to be the successor to Ukraine. It is said that now Ukraine as it was cannot be restored. It has been said that the government of Ukraine has proved to be disgraceful. This nation has demonstrated incapability to provide peace and prosperity to its people. The capital of Malorossiya will be moved from Kiev to Donetsk’, in these words Zakharshenko declared the establishment of the new nation.

Although Zakharshenko had made announcements regarding the formation of the new state ‘Malorossiya’, Luhansk of the Eastern Ukraine has refused to cooperate. The leaders of Luhansk clarified that they were not a part of this project and their decisions cannot be trusted.  At the same time, they added that currently the implementation of the “Minsk agreement” was underway and cannot be overlooked. Zakharshenko has claimed to have received support from 19 regions of Ukraine.

Russia, European Union and Ukraine gave a strong reaction by showing displeasure over the new proclamation. Russia’s ambassador to Ukraine in Minsk refuted the idea of a new nation by stating that the declaration was not within the framework of the Minsk agreement but it was made merely to be in the talks. The European Union has dismissed the establishment of the new state ‘’Malorrossiya’’ at the same time, demanded an explanation from Russia for the same. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko affirmed that the announcement and the plan will be unsuccessful similarly, the Ukrainian government will gain control over Donbass and Crimea.

A few days back, Ukraine had declared that it will resume its efforts to join NATO. Similarly, NATO also offered their support to Ukraine’s efforts. Following this Russia had expressed severe discontent. On this background, the announcement of sudden formation of a new nation by the pro-rebels supporting Russia, has caught attention. It has already come to the fore that Russia has advocated the separatist group in Eastern Ukraine.

Three years ago, after the conflicts in Ukraine had started Russia had occupied the province of Crimea. Following the acquisition the concept of “Novorossia” was brought forward. This conception was also endorsed by Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

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