US despatches USS Lincoln to the Gulf with complete preparations to impose fresh sanctions against Iran

Third World WarWashington: The new sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran have come into effect since the 1st of May, and the Iranian oil customers are also grappled with concerns regarding the US sanctions. The Iranian leaders have claimed that they will be able to sell the oil illegally, in the grey market. But the United States is preparing to increase the pressure on Iran, further and has made preparations to impose more sanctions against Iran. At the same time, the United States has despatched its gigantic aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to the marine region near Iran. Even bomber aircraft are there with this aircraft carrier. The US National Security Advisor John Bolton announced that this move was specifically made to issue a warning to Iran.

The United States had threatened to bring Iranian oil exports to naught. Whereas Iran had threatened that if Iran is not allowed to export its oil, Iran will not allow oil from any country, to be exported from the Persian Gulf. Iran had proved that these are not only empty threats by making the naval movements in the Persian Gulf. At the same time, the Iranian deputy minister for energy declared that Iran would sell its oil in the grey market. The Iranian minister reminded that Iran has, even in the past, sold oil in the grey market, bypassing the sanctions.

US, Iran, Gulf, LincoinThis sale does not amount to smuggling but is a decision to bypass the sanctions. The Iranian minister clarified that the sanctions imposed by the United States are illegal. Meanwhile, the United States has initiated aggressive moves to corner Iran on the economic and military front and to increase the political pressure, while Iran is making all these announcements. According to this plan, the United States will soon announce sanctions against various Iranian sectors. A US official on condition of anonymity said that the sanctions could be announced on Wednesday.

The officer claimed ‘The new sanctions can act in three ways. Iran will come to its knees and come to the table for negotiations. Or else, the Iranian economy will have to face severe hardships. These crises can depose the current Iranian government. These are the three possibilities.’ The official said that the United States is aware that Iran can give a very different and unexpected reaction to the sanctions this time. Therefore, the Trump administration is being extremely cautious and is taking all the necessary precautions. The deployment of USS Abraham Lincoln along with its fleet of destroyers in the marine region also is a part of these precautions. It is said that the Bomber Task Force also is accompanying the aircraft carrier. US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that this is a stern warning for Iran.

The United States has warned Iran that an attack on the US interests and allies will not be tolerated, through this deployment. Bolton said ‘The United States does not want a war against Iran, but we are fully prepared if Iran or its agent attempts to attack.’ The Iranian leaders had threatened that Iran would carry out unimaginable attacks on the United States if it imposed more sanctions. This is a reaction from the United States against it.

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