United States to expand the Israel-UAE fuel pipeline 

Chicago: Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed the historic agreement to use Elliot Ashkelon fuel pipeline connecting to the Mediterranean Sea through the Red Sea. The Trump administration in the United States is making frantic efforts to get the other Arabic countries involved in the Elliot Ashkelon pipeline. US Secretary for Energy, Daniel Brouillette, revealed information regarding the developments.   

After the Abraham agreement was signed with the US initiative, an Israeli delegation paid a special visit to the UAE. During this visit, the oil companies from Israel and UAE had signed an agreement worth $800 million for the fuel pipeline connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea. It was decided to subsequently use the Elliot-Ashkelon pipeline for supplying oil to the European countries from UAE.   

In the 1960s, cooperation regarding this pipeline had been established between Israel and the then-dictator of Iran. At the same time, Israel had used this very pipeline to supply Russian oil to the Asian countries. After the Islamic revolution in Iran, the pipeline usage was stopped. But the pipeline will once again come in use with this agreement between Israel and UAE; it is claimed that this will result in major saving in the cost of transport through the Suez Canal. The Trump administration in the United States has started moves to expand a trans-Israel pipeline using this pipeline. Brouillette informed that the Trump administration is trying to get Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Morocco and even the Palestinian administration also to participate in the agreement. It is claimed that the Trans-Israel pipeline will help in improving relations between Israel and the Arab countries. 

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