US thanks India for giving shelter to Dalai Lama

Taipei: – Tibetan religious leader, Dalai Lama, had a dialogue with his followers in Taiwan through videoconferencing. Dalai Lama said during the meeting that he was keen on visiting Taiwan. Whereas, the Taiwanese foreign ministry declared that they are also eager to welcome Dalai Lama. Both Tibet and Taiwan are believed to be very sensitive issues for China. Tibet and Taiwan are a ‘Red Line’ for China, and China keeps threatening that if the Red Line is violated, one will have to face the Chinese wrath. In this scenario, Dalai Lama’s dialogue with Taiwanese people can become a fresh cause for Chinese insecurity. Moreover, the United States has delivered a slap across China’s face by thanking India for sheltering Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.  

Dalai Lama, on the occasion of his birthday, addressed thousands of his followers from Taiwan through videoconferencing. On this occasion, Dalai Lama connects with his followers, worldwide, every time. But this time, Dalai Lama has made China restless by connecting with the people of Taiwan. Dalai Lama said at this time that the people of Taiwan are close to his heart and he is always thinking about them. At the same time, Dalai Lama refreshed the memories of his first visit to Taiwan in 2009. He expressed a good wish by saying that the political scenario will change soon and he will revisit Taiwan.  

Taiwan gave a reaction to the wish expressed by Dalai Lama within the next few hours. The Taiwanese foreign ministry said in its statement issued that the country was keen to welcome Dalai Lama. Joanne OU, the spokeswoman of the Taiwan foreign ministry, said that the honourable Dalai Lama would be welcomed when the time is right for Tibet and Taiwan. Currently, Chinese expansionist policies are facing severe criticism from around the world. At such a time, Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama addressing the people of Taiwan, and the Taiwanese government inviting Dalai Lama for a visit to the country is a development adding to the Chinese woes.  

After devouring the Tibetan territory, China has refused even the fundamental, political and religious rights to the people of Tibet. The Chinese communist government has an atrocious policy to destroy the distinctive religious culture of Tibet. China has dismissed the Tibetan demand even for autonomy, leave aside independence. China has suppressed the voices of the Tibetan people with its economic, political and military might. But now the situation is changing.   

It has been exposed that China is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic and is facing embarrassment from everywhere. Chinese aggressive decisions regarding Hong Kong and Taiwan are facing opposition from around the globe. Moves to pass a bill demanding Tibetan independence have started in the US Congress. In this scenario, dialogue between Dalai Lama and the Taiwanese people is a significant development for China. In the meantime, praise showered by the United States on India, on the occasion of 85th birthday of honourable Dalai Lama, for providing shelter to Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people, can become a botheration for China. Vitriolic reaction may be received from China regarding these reports concerning India, Taiwan and the United States. The possibility that the Chinese communist regime is remaining silent, after realising that the time is not right, also cannot be denied. 

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