Targeting Dalai Lama’s program in US, Chinese government daily criticizes Indians living abroad.

While China is abusing its right to block petition on international terrorist like Masood Azhar, it has taken a very different stance on respected Buddha Religion pioneer Dalai Lama and Tibetan Leaders. Indians in America have invited Dalai Lama for a programme. This has triggered outrageous reactions from China and this will have grave consequences threatened the Chinese government daily.


A university in the state of California in the US has invited Dalai Lama, the Chancellor of this university is an Indian Origin American citizen Pradeep Khosla, this has caught the attention of ‘Global Times’. Thus, Dalai Lama  has been invited in this program, claims this daily. A few Indian Origins in the US thus try to further fuel the disagreement between India and China and the US and China too. ‘Global Times‘ also accused that the invitation to Dalai Lama is the conspiracy of these same individuals.

In the past as well, the Indian community in the US and other European countries have hosted the programs with Dalai Lama, ‘Global Times’ criticized scorchingly. But China, by taking side in the matter of terrorist Masood Azhar to please it’s so called ally, is taking a clear stand against India. Having said so, China has not yet enlightened upon how the invitation to Dalai Lama can be linked to India

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