Coronavirus cases over 7 lakhs in India, more than 1 crore nationwide tests

New Delhi: Coronavirus death toll in the country has crossed 20,000, and the number of cases has gone beyond seven lakhs. Moreover, more than 24,000 cases are being reported every day due to nationwide Covid tests. So far, the number of Covid tests conducted across the nation is one crore. On Sunday, the Union Health Ministry informed that 3,46,459 tests were conducted in just a day. On conducting one crore tests, about 6,96,000 were tested positive. Accordingly, the Covid positive rate in India is 6.73, reported the Health Ministry.  

The total Coronavirus cases across the nation have crossed 7,15,000. On Sunday, 24,248 patients were reported in a span of 24 hours. Hence, the nationwide Covid cases reached to 6,97,413. Until Monday night, more than 17,000 patients were reported across the nation. Thus, the total number of cases nationwide is 7,15,000.   

Moreover, 204 patients died in Maharashtra in just a day. Hence, the total death toll has gone above 9,000, and the total Covid cases are more than 2,06,000. In Mumbai, 39 patients died in only a day. Besides, 1200 new patients have been reported. Furthermore, the total number of deaths in Mumbai is over 5,000.   

In Tamil Nadu, 61 patients have died, and 3,827 new patients have been reported. In Delhi, 1,379 new patients have emerged. Thus, the total number of cases in Delhi is over a lakh. 

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