US President Trump terminates ‘DACA’ program

Washington : Donald Trump administration has decided to terminate the ‘Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals’ (DACA), program that granted domicile affidavit to young undocumented migrants who entered US. The termination of this program can lead to deportation of nearly, 800000 young undocumented migrants currently living in the United States. Former president Barak Obama has strongly condemned US president Donald Trump’s decision. The DACA came into effect during Obama’s tenure. 

‘DACA’ program

President Trump’s decision seems to have stirred up a new storm. While terminating the DACA, President Trump reminded that the child migrants who were allowed to stay in the country under the act were now young adults. The total population of young adults residing in United States owing to DACA is around  8 lakhs. However, owing to the termination of DACA 8 lakh undocumented young adults will be jobless and homeless in United States.

Former US President Barak Obama has severely condemned  Trump’s decision as, wrong, cruel and self-defeating for the country. The industrial sector of US has also stiffly opposed the decision. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated that it has been ‘a sad day’ for the US. Zuckerberg remarked that the decision taken by Trump’s administration is not just wrong, but also cruel. There have been demonstrations in several places in the United States following the announcement of the decision to slam the program. People also demonstrated against this decision in front of the White House.

Meanwhile, White House has supported Trump’s decision. Press secretary of White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders has emphasized that the immigrants entering US illegally have been misusing DACA. However, DACA has been working to safeguard the illegal refugees. They had taken the decision in this context.  Secretary Sanders said that the threat of criminal and security threatening and often targeting infringers of laws against immigrants is the reason behind the withdrawal of DACA. 

President Donald Trump had earlier announced the amendment of the legislation on immigration to secure the employment of the US citizens. Sanders said that decision to retract DACA is part of the process of this amendment. 

Some Senators are also among the supporters of President Trump, and  Senator Bob Corker is one of them. Senator Bob Corker has approved President’s decision to withdraw DACA. Bob Corker has clarified that he thinks it is usual for the President to make an appeal to the Parliament to resolve the issue of DACA legally. However, it appears that the US media has been whopping hard at Trump over this matter. Hereby, it is relevant that the ongoing campaign in the United States against President Trump may intensify. 

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