Why only 125000, the United States will deploy any number of soldiers if needed, says President Donald Trump

Third World WarWashington: The news report that appeared in ‘The New York Times’ regarding the deployment of 125000 soldiers in the Middle East was declared ‘fake’ by US President Donald Trump. He announced, ‘the United States has no such plans. But if Iran creates such a situation, then the United States will deploy a lot more soldiers than that’.

us, trump, soldiersThe New York Times, a leading US daily, published this sensational news a few hours ago by citing the military officials from the Pentagon. Against the backdrop of the increasing tension with Iran, the United States has decided to deploy a minimum of 120000 soldiers in the Middle East. The daily has published that this deployment will be subsequent to the aircraft carrier and the bombers.

The international media and the analysts had stated that since 2003, it is for the first time that the United States is indicating a war against Iran by making a military deployment on a large scale in the Middle East, the effects of which were seen in the international markets.

But, on Tuesday, while talking to the reporters, President Trump criticised ‘The New York Times’ of publishing ‘fake news’. President Trump said that neither the White House nor the Pentagon has any such deployment plans. However, Trump has clarified that if the situation in the Middle East deteriorated and if there is a need to deploy the military in the Middle East, the United States might deploy many more soldiers than specified in this report.

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