42 killed in the US action in Syria; US military to stay in Syria for anti-Iran action

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Damascus: 42 people were killed in the attack by the US fighter jets, on the terrorist bases of the IS, in the Deirez-Zor region in eastern Syria. The United States has increased the frequency of these air attacks, since announcing a military withdrawal. At the same time, it is being said that the United States will continue with the deployment at the Al-Tanf military base. As per the received information, US military will continue with the deployment of US soldiers to counter the Iranian influence.

anti-Iran-actionIt is claimed that the IS terrorists are hiding in the Deir ez-Zor region in eastern Syria. The IS terrorists have established their bases taking over the civilian settlements. The Syrian rebels had undertaken a massive campaign to expel these terrorists from the civilian settlements. The Syrian rebels supporting the United States were carrying out the campaign for the last six months. But the Syrian rebels have not been successful. The Syrian rebels failed even in the last week’s operation.

Following that, two days ago, the United States and allies carried out air attacks on the terrorist locations in Baghouz. The local organisations claimed that 42 people including 13 civilians were killed in the attacks. As per the western allies’ front, only IS terrorists were killed in the attacks. This is the biggest operation in Syria, by the western allies, in the last ten days. In retaliation of the US attacks, even the IS terrorists launched bomb attacks on the US soldiers.

At the same time, information is revealed that the US military movements in Syria have increased. Announcements had been made regarding US military withdrawal from Syria. But in reality, the United States has increased its military deployment, and 600 more soldiers have been additionally deployed in Syria. The United States has said that this deployment is to assist the military withdrawal.

The US warships have reached near the Syrian marine borders. A western news agency claimed that the US soldiers would continue to be stationed on the Al-Tanf military base. The United States decided to keep the soldiers at Al-Tanf base, following a request from Israel.

The news agency has made this claim based on the information given by officials in the know of US military withdrawal operation. Last month, US President Trump announced military withdrawal from Syria. Trump had announced that 2,000 soldiers would be recalled from Syria. But the United States had also declared that although the military was being withdrawn, it will continue to be a part of the counter-terrorism activities. Different kinds of reactions were received from around the world regarding the US military withdrawal. The senior US officials have asserted that the military withdrawal will happen only after complete annihilation of the terrorists from Syria.

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