US and China clash in at UNSC meet on maritime security convened by India

New Delhi: – The United States and China had a clash in the UN Security Council meeting on maritime security, chaired by India. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken directly mentioned the issues in the South China Sea region, saying that arrogance and threats in the maritime sector by any country cannot be tolerated. The US Secretary of State also thanked India for hosting the discussion on maritime security. Outraged by this, China criticized that the US intervention is the real problem in the South China Sea sector.  


India takes over the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in August. India has stated that terrorism and maritime security will be given the highest priority during its tenure. Indian claim has increased concerns for Pakistan, the epicentre of global terrorism, and China, which threatens maritime security. Earlier, China had refused to discuss maritime security at the Security Council. However, China could not oppose the talks held by India this time. During the discussion, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, emphasized the importance of maritime security and stability. He also emphasized that India is a country that provides complete security in the Indo-Pacific region.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the meeting. At the meeting, US Secretary of State Blinken attacked China. No country’s arrogance and threats will be tolerated in the marine regions. Countries in the South China Sea region are receiving such threats and attempts to occupy the region illegally. But the conflict in the area is likely to have dire international consequences. Secretary of State Blinken said, ‘This is a threat to security and trade.’ he said. ‘We are grateful to India for convening the Security Council meeting on this issue, given the importance of maritime security.’ China, which claims ownership of the South China Sea region, could not absorb the jolt delivered by the US Secretary of State. Chinese Ambassador Dai Bing, who was present at the meeting, expressed his country’s displeasure over this.  

This meeting of the Security Council is not the right place to raise the issue of the South China Sea. The freedom of movement in the area is unimpeded and stability is maintained here. US intervention is the problem in this area. Chinese deputy ambassador accused the United States of destabilizing the region with warship intrusions. China and ASEAN member states are working together to resolve this issue. 

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