US becomes active to speed up QUAD

Washington: – Against the background of increasing Chinese domination activities, the United States has become active to speed up QUAD in the Indo-Pacific sector. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor (NSA) Robert O’Brien will be holding discussions with the QUAD countries in the months of September and October. US NSA Robert O’Brien gave this information and said that the talks would be aimed at making the QUAD cooperation stronger. Only a few days ago, the United States announced that the fighter pilots from the QUAD countries, i.e., India, Australia and Japan, will be trained by the United States.  

india-japan-aus-us-agencies On Friday, NSA Robert O’Brien informed about the US initiative in QUAD while speaking at a function organised by the think tank Atlantic Council. O’Brien said that the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, will be meeting the Foreign Ministers of the QUAD countries in September and October. Whereas, he will be holding discussions with the NSAs of India, Japan and Australia at Hawaii, in October.  

US NSA expressed confidence that despite all the criticism by China, QUAD is emerging as a strong military group, and positive effects of the close cooperation between the partner countries will be apparent soon. NSA O’Brien indicated that a strong stand would be adopted against China by saying, ‘China is carrying out extremely aggressive activities in the Indo-Pacific sector. In this scenario, the United States will never back out on marine freight movement, the rights related to air and space sectors and principles and regulations governing them.’  

The Indo-Pacific sector is very important to the United States, and O’Brien assured that the United States would be playing a vital role in the sector. US NSA also said that the defence and diplomatic cooperation with the partner countries in the region is also significant for the United States to maintain the safety of the Indo-Pacific region. A few months ago, former senior officials from the United States had appealed to India to play a more active role in QUAD.   

In 2007, the initiative taken by Japan for establishing cooperation between four countries was named QUAD. The group which includes India, Japan, Australia and the United States was not very active initially. But in 2017, a meeting of Heads of State of the QUAD countries was held against the background of the ASEAN conference. It was during this meeting that the decision was taken to make QUAD active to stop the aggressive Chinese activities in the South China Sea. Thereafter, in the last three years, QUAD is emerging as the main front against China, and China has fired strong salvos of criticism against it. 

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