US B-52 bomber launches airstrikes on Taliban base in Herat

Washington/Kabul – As per received information, a US B-52 bomber carried out an airstrike on a Taliban base in Afghanistan’s Herat province. It is being said that the Taliban suffered huge losses in the attack on Friday. This is the second US airstrike on the Taliban in a week since it withdrew from Afghanistan. The US airstrikes are believed to have sent a clear message to the Taliban.


air strike, B-52 bomber, Taliban, USSince last week, the Taliban launched a major offensive to seize control of Herat. The Taliban also attacked the headquarters of the United Nations in Herat on Friday night. The Taliban also carried out attacks in Guzara and Gulran in Herat. Against this backdrop, the US B-52 bomber’s attack on a Taliban base in Herat is considered significant.

Local sources informed that the Taliban bases in Siavoshan were attacked. The move is said to be aimed at curbing the growing dominance of the Taliban in Herat. As US bombers strike, the Afghan army has reportedly launched an attack against the Taliban. Herat, a province bordering Iran, could disrupt the communication between Afghanistan and Iran.

air strike, B-52 bomber, Taliban, USThe raid by the US B-52 bomber on Herat is the second major airstrike of the week. Last Friday, US warplanes pounded Taliban strongholds in Kandahar and Helmand provinces. The Taliban suffered heavy casualties in the attacks. The Taliban have since threatened the United States. However, ignoring the threat, the US seems to be targeting the Taliban once again.

The US CENTCOM also had warned about this. CENTCOM Chief Kenneth McKenzie had warned that if the Taliban does not stop its actions, airstrikes will be stepped up to help the Afghan army. Some analysts have compared the attacks carried out by the US B-52 bombers to the US action in 2001. Attacks by US bombers in 2001 were said to have been a decisive factor in overthrowing the Taliban regime.

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