Chinese President indicates preparing for a military conflict given the developments in Afghanistan

Beijing/Kabul: – President Xi Jinping has called on China to be ready for a military conflict while the United States withdraws from Afghanistan. The appeal made by the President of China against this backdrop has attracted attention. The Chinese regime claims that the withdrawal of the United States will allow the Uyghurs from Xinjiang, set up bases in Afghanistan. However, China’s stand in the matter is double-faced as it expresses concern over the Afghan conflict. But, it is preparing to supply advanced missiles to the Taliban.  


Last year, the United States announced an agreement with the Taliban to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden, the successor of former President Donald Trump, also upheld the decision. However, it was announced that the withdrawal would be completed by September instead of May. It is feared that the Taliban will regain control of Afghanistan after the departure of US and NATO forces. The Taliban have succeeded in gaining control of more than 50 per cent of Afghanistan, according to the Afghan government and Taliban claims.  

Against this backdrop, China has raised the issue of Islamic Uyghurs, expressing concerns about Afghanistan‘s security. But at the same time, China has taken steps to protect its interests through Pakistan, which supports the Taliban. On the other hand, President Jinping’s statement shows that China is also preparing for military deployments and conflict.  

Although China is preparing for military readiness, citing Uyghur attacks and instability, it seems to have taken the initiative to assist the Taliban. It has been reported that a Taliban delegation recently visited China. The Taliban leaders met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and demanded advanced missiles. The Taliban has urged China to provide surface-to-air missiles (SAM) to retaliate against the US airstrikes on the Taliban, even after its army withdrawal from Afghanistan.   

The main objective behind the demand for SAM missiles is the jamming of the radar of the B-52 bombers, used by the US for airstrikes and the erosion of the electronic warfare capabilities of the aircraft. The media has warned that Chinese missiles being consigned for the Taliban could eventually land into Pakistan’s lap. At the same time, if China provides such assistance to the Taliban, the United States may react. 

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