US Army General Mark Milley faces criticism over calls to Chinese officials after Trump’s election loss

Washington – Army General Mark Milley is facing severe criticism over his phone calls to Chinese military officials. Retired veteran military officials have demanded the resignation of General Milley. Republican Senator Tom Cotton has requested a trial of the Army General in Congress. Ronny Jackson, a Member of US Congress, has called for General Milley to be jailed, while few US analysts have called for General Milley to be court-martialled.


US, China, General Mark Milley, US ArmyA book named Peril to be published next week, authored by American journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, refers to calls made by Army General Mark Milley with the Chinese officials. The book claims that General Milley made these calls after the US presidential election, expressing that Trump is more aggressive after the results.

General Milley had made two phone calls to senior Chinese official Li Zuocheng after the election results. Over the call, Milley assured China that the United States was stable and would not attack. However, if President Trump orders an attack, China will be warned about it. It is a shocking revelation that the Army General has assured China of pre-alert in case a strike was ordered, especially when China is posing the biggest threat to US security in recent times.

General Milley acknowledged the calls made and claimed that the communication reduced tensions between the two countries. US President Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have backed General Milley and expressed complete confidence. However, former Secretary of Defense, military officials, members of parliament and analysts, including former President Trump, have heavily criticised Milley. Trump has accused General Milley of treason. He also claimed that President Biden would not remove Milley as he knows secrets about Afghanistan.

Christopher Miller, Secretary of Defense during Trump’s tenure, has demanded General Milley to resign. Miller clarified that he had not given permission or instructions to make such calls. Former military officials have claimed that General Milley had violated the law. US Senator Rand Paul and analyst Dan Bongino have called for a court-martial proceeding against General Milley. At the same time, Congressman Ronny Jackson has demanded imprisonment, while Republican Senator Tom Cotton has called for a trial hearing before Congress.

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