After 7 months of tensions, Foreign Ministers of Russia & Turkey meet

Sochi, Dt. 2 (News Agency) –

An important meeting was held between the foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey newly improvise the cooperative measures by leaving behind the previous tensions that was created on causing of fall of the Russian fighter plane in the Syrian border by Turkey last year. During that time, Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs assured that the Turkish officials would help Syria find solutions regarding the political plans with Russia’s cooperation.


Erdogan, the President of Turkey had asked for forgiveness about what had taken place in his letter to Putin, President of Russia in the last month. Likewise, Erdogan had expressed to compensate for the loss caused by attacking the Russian plane. Along with the appeal for forgiveness towards the Russian President, Erdogan had also proposed the idea of maintaining the relations as before between the two countries. The Russian Government had proclaimed Erdogan’s letter in the first place. Later, on Wednesday, the Russian President Putin reported in the media that Erdogan had asked for his forgiveness.

After accepting Erdogan’s plea for forgiveness, Putin ordered to restart the political ties, business and financial relations with Turkey. Along with this, Putin took back the prohibitions that had been set up on the tourist sector in Turkey. He stated that the positive ties between the two countries should speed up and should cooperate with each other on a newer level. 

Later on, the Russian President Putin even had a talk on the phone with Erdogan. Erdogan responded saying that the discussion with the Russian officials signifies the improving relations between Russia and Turkey. Turkey had indicated about that there is a possibility of Putin and Erdogan meeting soon following the phone call. 

It is believed that the Turkish President Erdogan will meet the Russian President Putin after the ‘Sochi’ tour in the upcoming August month. According to the Russian reports, the presidents from both the countries were expected to meet up after the discussion regarding Syriathat had taken place between themtwo days ago over the phone. Similarly, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Turkey’s Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu met in Sochi, a Russian city on Friday. 

This detailed discussion included the establishment of a new collaboration between Russia and Turkey by reviving the relations between them. For that, Turkey has put an end to the restrictions that were put up on the tourism of the country. Excluding this, there has been a detailed discussion regarding Syria’s developments too between the two foreign ministers.

Both the foreign ministers arrived at a common point of finding a political way out on the conflicts in Syria. The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has stated about the unanimity for making the military relations between Russia and Turkey thicker by introducing collaborative methods against terrorism in Syria. The Russian Foreign Minister has decided to provide with the necessary information regarding the aerial attack over Syria to the Turkish Government  after having a detailed discussion regarding the same.

Yet, the Russian Foreign Minister has advised the Turks to make sure that their borders do not prove to be helpful for the terrorist activities especially against Syria while efforts are being made to make Syria stable. Additionally, the Russian Foreign Minister has proposed for complete information from the Turks in reference to the terrorist activities carried out on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Terrorist groups like ‘ISIS’ and ‘Jabhat-al-nusra’ have been threatened to evacuate the areas immediately as the Russian fighter planes may attack those regions, indicated Lavrov. 

The relation between the two countries are improving once again after the Turks accepted all the terms put forward by the Russians, the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said in response of the same.

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