Foreign Ministers of India, Russia and China hold tripartite meeting 

New Delhi: – Indian Foreign Minister S.Jaishankar reprimanded China, during a tripartite virtual meeting of the Foreign Ministers of India, Russia and ChinaHe retorted without mentioning the name, that the Chinese behaviour is not of a responsible country. At the same time, Jaishankar presented the Indian stand, during the tripartite meeting, saying that the international community has not given India its deserved status and has always been unjust to India. 

Indian Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh is in Russia, for the Victory Day Parade. At the same time, Chinese Defence Minister also is in Russia and he tried to have a dialogue with the Indian Defence Minister. But the media reported that Raj Nath Singh avoided the dialogue saying that there will be no dialogue unless the border tension is diffused. Indian Foreign minister S,Jaishankar was talking in the tripartite meeting of the Foreign Ministers of India, Russia and China, against this background. Jaishankar issued a stern warning to China is select words, without directly mentioning the border dispute between India and China. 

Jaishankar expressed an expectation that the behaviour of the country which projects itself as the guardian of the world, has to be most ideal and this country should responsibly follow the international regulations. This attack made by Jaishankar on China, proved very caustic and at the same time, the Indian Foreign Minister accused the International community that India has not been given the deserved status, in frank words. The International community did not give India the deserved status, despite being a powerful economy and also a nuclear power. Foreign Minister Jaishankar reminded that India has made major contributions in the peace keeping forces and demanded a reassessment of the policies of the international community, who has denied India the deserved status. 

Without a direct mention of the Indo-China border dispute, the Indian Foreign Minister expertly presented the Indian stand during the tripartite meeting. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that India and China are both capable of resolving the border dispute and mediation of a third country is not required in this matter. At the same time, the Russian Foreign Minister once again expressed Russian support for India by demanding a permanent seat in the UN Security Council for India. Russia has shown the importance attached to the relations with India, by supporting the Indian candidature for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, during the tripartite virtual meeting, attended even by the Chinese Foreign Minister. This comes as a major jolt to China, who has perpetually taken a stand against India. As per political analysts, it would have shocked China, even if Russia had chosen to be neutral in the India-China dispute, but Russia has gone a step further, declaring that it is standing firmly behind India. 

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