India demands Thailand & Myanmar to share information of probe on Chinese weapons

Bangkok/New Delhi: India has made an insistent demand that Myanmar and Thailand should share the information regarding the action taken against the Chinese weapon haul and also about the further investigation in the matter. Indian Ambassador to Thailand, Suchitra Durai, presented the Indian stand in a meeting held in Bangkok on Monday. Last month, a huge haul of Chinese weapons was seized from the Mae Sot city near the Myanmar border. A sensational revelation was made that these weapons were for saboteur activities in India.   

On Monday, Indian Ambassador Suchitra Durai met Unsit Sampuntharat, governor of the Tok province of Thailand. The Tok province shares a border with Myanmar, and the weapons haul was intercepted in the Mae Sot city in this province. The local police chief and other officials also were present for the meeting. Sources informed that the Indian Ambassador raised the issue regarding the Chinese weapons haul during the meeting while talking about the bilateral relations between the two countries.  

The weapons haul intercepted by the Thai agencies included grenade launchers, rockets, automatic assault rifles and machine guns. As per the investigation conducted by the agencies in Thailand and Myanmar, the weapons were for the terrorist organisations in Myanmar. These weapons were consigned for Arakan Army and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, operational in the Rakhine province of Myanmar. It has already been exposed that these organisations have set up bases near the Indian and Bangladesh borders to carry out terrorist and saboteur activities in these countries. Therefore, the action in Thailand has attracted the attention of Indian agencies.  

The Indian sources clarified the stand behind the meeting in Thailand and the demand made during the meeting ‘The Indian agencies are in continuous contact with the Thai agencies. Information is being asked regarding the origin, route and the exact destination of the seized weapons haul. In the past, it had been exposed that China had supplied weapons to the rebel and terrorist organisations in northeastern India. Although the Indian military and security agencies have dismantled this network, India is fully aware that China is capable of making renewed attempts to send weapons consignments. The possibility that a certain part of the weapon haul seized in Thailand was destined for northeastern India cannot be denied.’  

Involvement of people of Pakistani origin also had been exposed in action taken by the Thai and Myanmar agencies. Therefore, there are indications that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI also is involved in this hidden Chinese weapons movement. This goes to indicate that China, in collaboration with Pakistan, can hurt the Indian interests in south-east Asian countries. Taking cognisance of this fact, the Indian agencies are making a demand to get the information regarding action and the subsequent investigation from the Thailand and Myanmar agencies. 

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