3 soldiers of Assam Rifles martyred in Manipur rebel attack, links suspected between Chinese PLA & rebels

Chandel: Three soldiers from the Assam Rifles were martyred in an attack by the rebel organisation People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which receives funding and weapons from China, in Manipur. Six soldiers were also injured in the attack. This attack is being viewed against the background of the India-China tension. There are reports that China is trying to create disturbances with the help of the rebel organisations in the northeastern states, following the tension on the border. A few days ago, a huge weapons haul was seized in Thailand. Investigations by the Thai agencies had revealed that these weapons were to be used against India. Six people had also been arrested in Myanmar. Against this background, the seriousness of this attack on Indian soldiers increases further.

MANIPUROn Wednesday, the attack was launched, in the evening around seven, while the patrol party of Assam Rifles was returning to the camp, at Khontal near the Myanmar border. The PLA rebels ambushed the returning patrol party. The terrorists exploded an IED. After that, the terrorists started indiscriminate firing. Three soldiers were martyred and six were seriously injured, in the suicide attack.

It is being exposed that PLA enjoys support from China. This organisation, founded in 1978, is demanding a separate socialist state. But the PLA is no way connected with the Naga, Kuki and other ethnic rebel organisations. It is claimed that China trains these PLA terrorists with the help of terrorist organisations in Myanmar and this organisation is said to be the eyes and ears, of China, in the northeastern India states.

In the last few years, the security forces, through various strong campaigns, have almost finished the rebel organisations. They have destroyed terrorist bases across the border, in a joint action taken with Myanmar. Leaders of ULFA, Naga and Kuki rebel organisations have laid down arms and have joined the peace process. Therefore, violence in the northeastern states has reduced tremendously. But it is being observed that China is making strong efforts to push these states, once again, towards violence. Last month, terrorists planning a major ambush on the security forces had been killed.

It is being revealed that China and Pakistan are supporting the terrorist organisations in Myanmar for anti-India activities. Last month, the Thai security agencies seized a huge weapons haul. There was a shocking revelation that these weapons were to be used for anti-India activities. India is making efforts to increase connectivity with south-east Asian countries, including Myanmar. Under this initiative, many infrastructure development projects have been undertaken, on the Indian border and in Myanmar. This has increased the Indian influence in Myanmar. Therefore, China is trying to reduce Indian influence through these terrorist organisations by targeting these projects with Indian interests. It is also suspected that China is helping the rebel organisations in India through these terrorist organisations.

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