Using terrorists like Hafiz Saeed against India will harm Pakistan: Pakistan’s ex-US ambassador Haqqani

Hussain HaqqaniBengaluru : The former ambassador of Pakistan to the US Mr. Hussain Haqqani, has warned Pakistan that its pursuit of matching its military standards with that of India, by using terrorists like Hafiz Saeed is going to be harmful for them. This warning by Mr. Haqqani is considered as a tight smack from its own homeland for Pakistan, but the government of Pakistan and its military is much occupied taking advantage of the current unrest going on in Jammu & Kashmir since some weeks. Earlier too veteran journalists and analysts of Pakistan had issued a similar warning. 

Mr. Haqqani has warned Pakistan for its obsession of matching its military standards with that of India, with the help of psycho terrorists like Hafiz Saeed. He further questioned Pakistan that instead of comparing itself with India, why can’t Pakistan opt to walk on the road which leads to contentment and progress. Mr.Haqqani shared his views while addressing an audience that had gathered recently in Bangalore, for the launch of his book ‘India Vs Pakistan- Why can’t we just be friends’.

Mr. Haqqani further alleged that Pakistan always felt insecure in front of India’s huge military capacity. This feeling of insecurity and blind obsession of equating itself to the Indian army has today resulted in Pakistan’s apathy.He highlighted the fact that this obsession has always been a national agenda for Pakistan. Mr. Haqqani ended his tight lipped policy and disclosed a top-secret. He stated that during an unofficial meeting between the editors of the Pakistani newspapers and Pakistan’s former President Mr. Parvez Musharaff, the President had openly supported the terrorist organisations that are operative in India. 

Mr. Musharaff during this meeting said that all are striving hard to close down ’Lashkar-e-Taiba’, which is actually the reserve force that has been formed to act against India. He said that when the country’s chief himself is making such kind of irresponsible and derogatory statements, then it will not be surprising  if ‘terrorism’ would be on top of that country’s national agenda. He has warned that supporting terrorism will not be fruitful for Pakistan. Terrorists like Hafiz Saeed will not be beneficial for Pakistan. Meanwhile, the government of Pakistan and its military is currently absorbed on the J&K issue and the killing of Burhan Wani. 

According to one Pakistani news channels, Pakistan has harmed itself by allowing Hafiz Saeed to speak on the J&K issue. The Pakistani journalists are claiming that this act has led to Pakistan’s negative image on the International front. But Nawaz Sharif’s government which is striving hard for its own existence does not seem to have taken this opinion seriously.