Tensions escalate on Jammu-Kashmir border with Pakistan firing – claims lives of 5 citizens, injures 23; 76,000 moved to safer areas

Arnia: Pakistan has resorted to intense firing and mortar attacks on the international border and Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir when 5 people were killed and 23 were left injured on Wednesday. The Indian defence forces are retaliating strongly to these attacks. Pakistan is learned to have incurred heavy losses due to the Indian retaliation. A war like situation has precipitated on the border due to the Pakistani firings and 76,000 villagers have been moved to safer places.

The Pakistanis were brought to their knees by the BSF’s strong retaliatory attack on Sunday. They had contacted the BSF on phone requesting to stop the attack. However, there was firing again on Monday from the Pakistani side. Its army is deliberately targeting the villages near the borders. There is intense firing and mortar attacks from the Pakistani side with reports of even artillery firing. As per the villagers, attacks of this magnitude had not been carried out on the villages even in the 1971 war.

So far, 5 people have been killed and 23 have been injured in these attacks. The people living in the villages near the border are being moved to safer places away from their homes. Some families in these villages had earlier decided not to leave their homes. But the intensity of the Pakistani firing has increased in the last two days. As a result, these villagers also decided to take refuge in safer places. Many houses and agricultural farms have been damaged in the attack.

The intensity of the firing in the Arnia and RS Pura sectors is very high. Therefore, the number of people moving away from their homes to safer places is greater in this area. More than 100 villages have been evacuated at the borders. Only a few people have stayed back to look after their houses and cattle.

Large scale rescue work has been undertaken in the villages near the border. Most of the villagers have shifted to their relatives’ homes or in relief camps. Arun Manhas, the Additional District Magistrate informed that 76,000 villagers have been shifted so far from the border areas.

Not only the villagers but cattle also is being moved to safer places. The relief camps have been built at a safe distance, out of the range of the Pakistani mortar attacks, informed Manhas.

Pakistan has suffered major losses in the retaliatory firing from India. Some of the Pakistani bunkers, posts have been destroyed and a few soldiers have been killed. But Pakistan has refrained from commenting on it. There are reports that 11 people were killed from the Pakistani side in the Indian retaliatory attacks. Whereas, 2 of its soldiers had been killed on Tuesday.

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