Israel military sternly warns Syria not to cooperate with Hezbollah and Iran

Jerusalem: The Israeli military warned Syria to withdraw from the cooperation with Iran and Hezbollah, who are trying to launch attacks on Israel, planting explosives near the Israel border. Syrian media claimed that the Israel military issued this warning through the handbills dropped in the Golan region in Syria. They said that these handbills were air-dropped after the Israeli attack in Syria. Moreover, they claimed that the 210 division of the Israeli military was instrumental in air-dropping the handbills. Syrian media said that the handbills warned ‘Any effort to create instability in the Golan region will not be tolerated. Action will be initiated against the Iran and Hezbollah agents any time.’

Israel military sternly warns Syria not to cooperate with Hezbollah and IranOver the last few years, Iran and Hezbollah have used Syrian citizens and soldiers, for terror attacks against Israel. The Syrian media published that the handbills contained a warning that Syria should sever all military ties with Hezbollah and Iran; otherwise, the Syrian military will be held responsible for the attacks launched by Hezbollah and Iran.

Israel military refused to comment on the reports published in the Syrian media. In the last few months, similar handbills have been air-dropped under the name of Israel military. Even those had the warning for the Syrian population to distance themselves from Iran, Hezbollah and Iran affiliated terrorist groups. It was the Syrian media, who had accused Israel of carrying out two airstrikes, in the Golan Hills region after that.

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