Secret Chinese military base in Cambodia

Phnom Penh: China is building a secret military base in southern Cambodia, around a thousand kilometres from the Andaman Islands in India. It is also developing a base in the Koh Kong region of Cambodia; both the countries have denied these reports. However, a newspaper from New Zealand has published detailed information regarding the base and has even published satellite photographs of the base. As per strategic analysts, this base could prove to be sensitive from the perspective of India’s security.

Secret Chinese military base in CambodiaTwo years ago, US Vice-President, Mike Pence had alleged that China was building a military base in Cambodia. China had denied this allegation and even Cambodia had said that there was no truth in the allegation. But despite this, it was clear that there is something fishy in the cooperation between China and Cambodia. Only last week a military drone crashed near a base in Cambodia. The country’s defence forces had said that they were not aware as to who was the owner of the drone. But it is claimed that the drone belonged to China.

At the same time, confidential documents between the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Cambodian military were exposed, which showed that Cambodia has handed over the Koh Kong region to China for 30 years. Hence, China is allowed to deploy its soldiers, defence equipment and weapon systems in this region. China has deepened the port to facilitate entry of warships in the harbour. For this Cambodia flattened a national park spread over 45,000 square kilometres.

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