Dispute between the US and Turkey over Manbij in Syria escalates

turkey, manbij, manjib, afrin, turkey, syriaWashington: Senior US diplomats and military officials visited Manbij town in northern Syria. These officers have guaranteed continued deployment of the US army in Manbij. Turkey has demanded that the United States should not protect the Kurdish rebels who are based in Manbij town. Turkey had threatened that the Turkish army will certainly strike Manbij to finish the Kurdish rebels, who pose a threat to Turkish security. The visit by the US senior officials shows that the United States has not paid any heed to these threats.


Syria, dragged into a conflict from all sides has been attacked even by Turkey. The Kurds are based in the northern part of Syria and they along with the Kurds in Iran and Turkey, are demanding a separate Kurdistan. Therefore, Turkey is taking strong action against the Kurds under the pretext of a threat to its integrity. As per Turkey, especially the rebel organisation ‘YPG’ poses a great danger for Turkey. Turkey declared this organisation as a terrorist outfit and started the action in northern Syria against this organisation.

us, turkey, manbij, syria, erdoganThe Turkish army has entered the ‘Afrin’ region in northern Syria and has started a massive action. Turkish President Erdogan has warned that the Turkish army will not stop at ‘Afrin’ and the towns Manbij and Idlib will be the next targets. ‘Turkey will not stop the campaign and withdraw for any reason whatsoever. I am making this point clear to Russian President Putin and US President Trump,’ claimed Turkish President Erdogan.

Manbij already has US soldiers stationed there. The US-backed Syrian rebels had taken control of the town after it was freed from the IS in 2016. The US army is present here as well. US-led Special Operations Commander in Iraq and Syria Major General Jamie Jarrard and former US Ambassador to Bahrain, William Roebuck visited Manbij on Thursday. It has come to light that during their visit the United States was seemingly trying to reassure the people in Manbij. The US officials have assured that there is no need to worry as the US army will continue to be stationed there.

In view of this, the Turkish threat of an attack on Manbij is increasing the tension in the area. But according to a Turkish official, the United States and Turkey have reached a settlement about Turkey’s Manbij attack. The US Department of State has rejected this news. There is no ‘Deal’ between the United States and Turkey over this issue. The US Department of State Spokesperson Heather Nauert used indicative words to explain the US stance saying that the Turkish government has been informed that in case of an attack on the US army it will be entitled to act in self-defence.

Thus, the dispute between the United States and Turkey has intensified due to action in Manbij and the US has made it explicitly clear that in case of an attack on this city there will be retaliation. Therefore, attention of the experts has been drawn to Manbij, in spite of massive conflicts and heavy bloodshed happening in other parts of Syria.

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