Russia sternly warns Turkey over Ukraine

Moscow: ‘We strongly recommend that our Turkish colleagues carefully analyze the situation in Ukraine. Encouraging ‘aggressive’ Ukrainian actions toward Russian-annexed Crimea amounted to encroachment on Russia’s territorial integrity. We hope Turkey will adjust its line based on Russia’s legitimate concerns,’ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned Turkey.    


Over the last few years, Turkey President Recep Erdogan has been making extensive efforts to increase Turkish influence globally. Accordingly, President Erdogan has taken many aggressive steps; the Ukrainian military cooperation is considered a part of the same plan. On the one hand, the ongoing Syria-Libya conflict, as well as strengthening defence ties with Russia, Turkey had also taken steps to improve its relations with Ukraine. In 2019, Turkey had sold drones to Ukraine; this is considered a part of the same.    

Following that, last year, Turkey signed a defence cooperation agreement with Ukraine. At the time, Turkey President stated that Ukraine is a vital nation to contain peace and stability in the Black Sea region. Moreover, he also fired a salvo that Russia has illegally occupied Crimea; Turkey never approved of it and never will. Last month, the Ukrainian President visited Turkey, and President Erdogan repeated this statement. At the same time, he said that Turkey would back Ukraine’s integrity and sovereignty.    

This stance of Turkey about Ukraine and their increasing ties has bothered Russia. While Russia has openly challenged the US and other western countries over Crimea, Turkey’s alliance has annoyed Russia. Over the last few months, Russia and Turkey have been countering each other over Syria and Greece. Moreover, now Ukraine’s involvement in it has strained Turkey-Russia relations furthermore.    

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov targeted the US and NATO in an interview. In the last few months, the US and NATO provided military assistance and financial aid to Ukraine at large. The Russian Foreign Minister also drew attention to these factors. This increasing assistance will affect the peace in Donbas (East Ukraine), warned the Russian Foreign Minister.    

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