Russia steps up military deployment in Baltics

Will monitor NATO's movements

Moscow Dt.6 (News agency)- After the US and the NATO deployed troops to the borders of the Baltic countries alongside its western borders, Russia has stepped up military movements. It has decided to deploy the ‘Podsolnukh’, a radar system for surveillance of NATO war ships and fighter jets apart from the S-300 missile system which will be deployed to Belarus, its ally. NATO officials have criticized the military activity on Russia’s part.

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A year ago, when the civil war broke out in Ukraine, Russia had deployed the ‘Podsolnukh’ radar system to Crimea where it had proved very useful. This radar system can detect and track enemy fighter jets or even destroyers at 450 km and so Russia has once again decided to post the Podsolnukh to monitor NATO’s activity near its borders, which information was revealed to a local news agency by Russian military officials.

The Podsolnukh radar system can simultaneously detect, track and classify up to 300 sea and 100 aerial targets. Besides, remaining in contact with Russia’s other missile systems, the Podsolnukh is capable of operating as an air defence system as well. It also tracks advanced stealth fighter planes like the American F-35. Until date, the Russian Podsolnukh has been deployed to eastern Russia and in the Caspian Sea. Now with its decision to deploy this system and for the first time, near the borders of the Baltic nations, Russia will have bolstered its strength to a considerable extent. The system will be deployed in the beginning of the coming year.


Moreover, Russia has deployed additional batteries of the S-300 missile defence system to Belarus and had already deployed this system to Okhotsk and Grodno. However, taking into account the fact that NATO has scaled up air exercises of its fighter planes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Russia took the decision to deploy an additional battery of the S-300 to Belarus.

Meanwhile NATO, who launched the biggest war drill in Poland and Lithuania to stare down Russia, has now denounced Russian military activity. Russia’s military movements are reminiscent of its persistent cold war mentality, commented a senior official of NATO     

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