Russia-China can reverse engineer the weapons US left in Afghanistan: ex-US President Trump

Washington/Kabul – Former US President Donald Trump has said that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is the most embarrassing event in the country’s history. Besides, he claimed that China and Russia would reverse engineer US weapons left behind in Afghanistan. Trump has also accused China and Russia of hijacking the advanced Apache helicopters of the US. Trump also hinted that terrorists from Afghanistan infiltrated the United States through a US rescue operation.


Afghanistan, America, China, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Reverse EngineerUS President Joe Biden hastily ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. During the withdrawal process, the US military had left behind several helicopters, planes, advanced weapons and defence equipment at the bases in Afghanistan. At the same time, the Afghan army surrendered to the Taliban with US weapons and equipment. This led to criticism that the United States had given up billions of dollars in defence equipment to the Taliban and that Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia would take advantage of it.

Afghanistan, America, China, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Reverse EngineerThe remarks by former President Trump seem to confirm this criticism. ‘If the US military had withdrawn under my leadership, I would have ordered the withdrawal of all US weapons and equipment,’ Trump said. ‘But now everything has fallen in the hands of the Taliban. Countries like China and Russia may have seized US Apache helicopters. They may have dismantled all parts of the helicopter and started studying them. Russia and China will begin efforts to build such advanced helicopters. They are experts in this field,’ said former President Trump.

Afghanistan, America, China, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Reverse Engineer‘The fact that America let this happen is a disgrace to the country. The US military ran away from fighters who only had knives. We had F-35s and F-18s and they only had knives. This has caused a huge disgrace to the US military. It’s all happening because of the decisions of the top leadership and the military officials who are advising on TV.’ Trump said. ‘Even if the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan had been made during my tenure, I would have honourably withdrawn the US military.’ Trump said.

Trump also criticised the rescue operation launched by the US military. Trump warned that many of those deported from Afghanistan are terrorists. The former President also pointed out that there was no system to ascertain exactly who was among the returnees from Afghanistan.

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