Rocket attacks on US airbase in Iraq kills contractor

Washington/ Erbil: Rocket attacks were launched on the US airbase located in Erbil, Kurdistan capital in Iraq. This attack killed one US contractor and injured eight others. The US State Department has expressed anger against this attack.


Rocket attacks on US airbase in Iraq kills contractorOn Monday night, three rocket attacks were carried out in Erbil city in the Iraq autonomous region, Kurdistan. These attacks targeted the airbase located there. These attacks have happened for the first time in two months over the US airbase in Iraq.

Rocket attacks on US airbase in Iraq kills contractorMoreover, the Iraqi militant group, Saraya Awliya Al-Dam has accepted the responsibility for this attack. Furthermore, the militant group threatened to continue to attack as long as the US has set its airbase in Iraq. The outfit claimed the US soldiers are not safe even in Kurdistan. This group has come to light for the first time after the US airbase attack.

Meanwhile, US State Secretary, Antony Blinken, condemned this attack. Moreover, he declared that the United States would back the Kurdish government to take action against this attack.

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