Republican party moves No-Confidence Motion against US President Joe Biden

Washington – The Republican Party has moved a no-confidence motion against President Joe Biden over the military withdrawal from Afghanistan and the failure to address the immigrant problem on the Mexican border. The proposal, moved by Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs, has been supported by three other lawmakers. A few days ago, it was reported that a group from the ruling Democrats was contemplating bringing a bill to reduce the president’s powers. Against this backdrop, the no-confidence motion moved by the Republican Party is significant.


Democrat party, Republican party, Joe Biden, US, No-Confidence Motion‘As president, Biden has completely ignored the immigrant problem on the Mexican border. This demonstrates the failure of the United States to safeguard its sovereignty. He also dismissed the Supreme Court order on the issue. Corona-infested immigrants were allowed to enter the United States. The military withdrawal from Afghanistan is not just a disaster. Bob Gibbs has filed a no-confidence motion, accusing that President Biden withdrew US troops even before rescuing the US citizens, thus endangering civilian lives.

The no-confidence motion, filed by Gibbs in the House of Representatives, supports Republican lawmakers Andy Biggs, Brian Babin and Randy Weber. Gibbs explained that the no-confidence motion would not be supported, given the Democrats’ majority in Congress. However, he claimed that the situation could change after the 2022 midterm elections. Gibbs also warned’ We are giving this notice to President Biden, Vice President Harris and the entire administration.’

Democrat party, Republican party, Joe Biden, US, No-Confidence MotionMeanwhile, various polls suggest increasing public displeasure against President Biden. According to a survey conducted in Iowa, 62% of citizens are dissatisfied with the functioning of the Biden administration. In March, the number of people who resented Biden was 44%. However, against the background of Afghan withdrawal, the number has increased by 18% in six months. CNN has warned that the findings in Iowa are a wake-up call for Democrats. CNN reported that the Democrats would lose their majority in Congress if the same outrage persists. Following the survey conducted in Iowa, another survey conducted by ‘Gallup Poll’ has also been released. As per the Gallup Poll survey, the percentage of people supporting Biden has slipped to 43%. A whopping 53% of the citizens have expressed displeasure over Biden’s functioning, which is claimed to be the lowest point in the tenure of President Biden.

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