President Biden assures to safeguard United States even after military withdrawal from Afghanistan

Washington: The US lawmakers, former and serving officials from the intelligence agencies and military, warn that the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan will make the United States insecure. The Taliban and Al Qaeda will take control of Afghanistan and plot fresh terror attacks on the United States.’ Former Secretaries of State also have warned that there will be severe repercussions of the US military withdrawal on the security of the United States. But President Joe Biden assured that the United States would not take any chances to protect the US population by stopping the terror attacks before they can be executed.President Biden assures to safeguard United States even after military withdrawal from Afghanistan


On the 1st May 2011, the United States killed Osama Bin Laden, in operation, by intruding into the city of Abbottabad in Pakistan. This year the action completed ten years. Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States when the action was executed to finish Laden. Biden reminded that he was present in the situation room while the operation was being executed. The United States fulfilled the promise to mete out justice to the victims of 9/11 with the execution of Laden. President Biden said that if a terror attack is planned in the United States, no compromises will be made on the front of preventing the attack and safety of the United States.

The process of withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan has started on 1st May. Currently, there are 2,500 to 3,500 US soldiers and 7,000 NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. It has been announced that the US and NATO soldiers will be withdrawn completely before 11th September. There is severe criticism regarding this withdrawal in the United States. US lawmakers, former and serving officials from the intelligence agencies and military and statesmen, are against this decision. Former Secretaries of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton warned that following the US military withdrawal, Afghanistan would fall into the hands of Taliban and Al Qaeda. After that, fresh terror attacks will be plotted against the United States. This will make the United States insecure.

Against this background, President Biden is compelled to reassure regarding the security of the United States. But while giving this assurance, President Biden has made a significant statement. Biden claimed that although the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan, necessary actions will be taken to safeguard the US interests and against the perceived threats from terrorists, with assistance from the allies and partner countries. Reports appear in the Pakistan media that the United States will be withdrawing the military from Afghanistan and deploy it in Pakistan. The United States has already demanded military bases for this purpose. The statements of the US President are only endorsing these reports.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that he was under immense pressure. The media and analysts are making varied claims regarding the source of the pressure. But the journalists informed that the Pakistan Prime Minister is feeling the pressure regarding making military bases available to the United States. Such a decision could have severe repercussions from inside Pakistan. Taliban could turn against Pakistan and a dangerous spate of terror attacks could start in Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan may have to face opposition from countries like Iran and China. But Pakistan will face severe financial consequences if it does not make the bases available to the United States. Currently, the Biden administration has increased the pressure on Pakistan, showing glimpses of the consequences. Therefore, the Pakistan government has been cornered.

Therefore, it is clear that the United States is taking precaution to protect its ability to launch attacks on the terrorists in Afghanistan, even if it is withdrawing the military from Afghanistan, as per the Taliban demand. With advanced drones and fighter jets, and other super-advanced weapon systems and defence systems being available, there is no need for the United States to keep any soldiers in Afghanistan. The logic that is forwarded is that actually, the United States will reduce the expenditure with this military withdrawal and still will be able to achieve its objectives. But the United States will have to build a base in Pakistan for this purpose. Whether to allow this base to the United States has become a question of life and death for the Pakistan government.

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