President Putin announces comprehensive war drills; Russian forces on full combat mode

PutinMoscow : The Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced comprehensive war drills of the Russian Security Forces. The drills, started from Thursday, include thousands of soldiers, modern tanks, armed vehicles and missiles near Ukraine and Baltic borders. Drills were performed in the Black Sea and the Caspian sea. in addition to the Ukraine and Baltic borders and forces have been asked to be on high alert for conditions of war.

Earlier, NATO had performed comprehensive drills of the forces of 14 countries near the Russian border. Approximately 2000 soldiers were engaged in this drill. The Orders of the Russian President are deemed to be a reply to the NATO drills. The recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine provide a background to the drills.

Some days ago, Russia had alleged that Ukraine was planning attacks and infiltration in Crimea. Russian Intelligence Agencies had claimed to have arrested some Ukraine agents. Russia had also announced new, additional military drills in Crimea. The comprehensive drills after those initial drills in Crimea and nearby areas, are attracting special attention.

In the comprehensive drills, which commenced from Thursday, forces from Russian Central, Southern and Western command have also been included. The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has said that, in addition, Russian Air force, paratroopers, and Naval Northern fleet are also participrussia-militaryating. The new drills are supposed to continue until the month end and all the groups participating in the drill have been ordered to be on ‘war alert’.

Some analysts have opined that these are by far the biggest drills in recent months. Russian army colonel Leonide Ivashov has also endorsed the view. Colonel Ivashov has stated that because the Western countries are claiming a war situation, Russian President Putin has ordered these new war drills.     

Before Thursday’s comprehensive war drills, Russia has accelerated the pace of movement of its forces. Few days earlier, Russia had announced the use of Iran’s air bases for the attacks in Syria.

Prior to this, in May, an announcement was made about deployment of three divisions on the borders of Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Immediately thereafter, modern S 400 missiles were also deployed in Crimea.

Poland has expressed concerns over the new Russian war drills and Poland’s Defense Minister has called for an urgent meeting of all the Chiefs of the forces.  

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